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Rural Bank

  • 1,000 - 50,000 employees

Sean Hickey

7.00 AM

Wake up and get moving, have a quick shower, grab some vegemite toast and head out the door to catch one of the express buses into the city at 7.50 am.

8.30 AM

Get into the office and have a quick read-through of the daily finance and sports news before starting to sort through my emails. Nothing urgent has arrived in the inbox today. With my emails sorted, I work through my calendar. I’ve been invited to take part in User Acceptance Testing (UAT) later this morning which should be an interesting change of pace. I meet with a Lending Manager to organise the out of order transaction accounts, today there is quite a large list, and this takes up a good portion of the morning. The process generally involves working through the accounts that are currently in deficit due to a recent transaction, we consider each account individually and make the decision whether to honour or dishonour the transaction that has sent the account into debit.

9.30 AM

The Lending Manager has allocated me a couple of client files to consider for approval, this will likely take up a good portion of the morning. Although before that it’s coffee time with the entire credit team heading down to the café on level one to have a coffee and catch up.

After coffee I begin to look through the deals that have been allocated to me, the first file is a relatively quick and painless, with a requested increase to their current Seasonal Overdraft limit. Drought has heavily impacted the customer’s previous season and they will require additional lending in order to meet their cashflow needs over the next 12 months. I look through their financials to ensure they will have the available cashflow to meet their financial obligations and ensure that all compliance requirements are met. After this, I sit with the Lending Manager and go through the application before approving the requested increase.

11.00 AM

A notification pops up from my Calendar that the User Acceptance Testing is starting in 15 minutes, I head up to the meeting room on level eight. After setting up my laptop I discuss what the testing will involve with the Business Change Manager, who will be running the session. The session is designed to test planned changes to the Agribusiness System (ABS) used across Rural Bank. The session is quite relaxed with only four of us taking part, we each run through several scenarios on ABS to stress test the new functions that have been added to the system. After this I input my scenario results into an excel spreadsheet which I then email to the Change Manager.  

1.00 PM

With the Testing session finished it’s time for lunch and working in the heart of the city means that there are plenty of food options. A co-worker and I decided to head out and grab a bite to eat from a sandwich shop up the street.

2.00 PM

Another lending application has come through, this application is requesting a refinance of their Term Loan currently held with a competing bank. I work through this application and find several issues that need to be addressed. The valuation that has been uploaded for the property has been completed incorrectly with several compliance documents not being uploaded to ABS. I send an email back to the relationship manager who submitted the application, requesting updated versions of the documents be uploaded. I make a note in my calendar to follow this up tomorrow.

3.30 PM

I make a coffee to help perk me up for the afternoon and grab another application to begin looking over. I print off the credit assessment report and have a quick chat with a couple of members of the credit team about the application, I make a few notes so that I can pick up right where I left off to finish off first thing tomorrow morning.

4.45 PM

I leave the office 15 minutes early so that I can catch the bus and make it out to football training on time.

7.30 PM

Get home from training and have a quick shower then cook myself dinner: plenty of leftovers mean that I won’t have to worry about buying lunch tomorrow. Watch a quick movie on Netflix before calling it a night and heading to bed.