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Anika Nirmalathas

Anika studied a Bachelor of Commerce, Majored in Finance & Economics at The University of Melbourne and is now a Corporate & Institutional Banking Graduate at NAB.

7.00 AM

I’m usually up by 7, have a quick shower, brekky and am out the door. 

8.15 AM

I’ve arrived at 500 Bourke St, and take the lift up to level 32. The team flexi desks, so getting in early helps get a good spot! After setting up my work station, I catch up on my emails. This includes adhoc emails from my team or emails about our customers. I tend to note the things that I need to get completed today and speak to my team about anything else they might need. I usually squeeze in some time to grab a coffee downstairs.

8.45 AM

In my current role, one major aspect is managing and reviewing facilities that we have out to our customers. We look after customers that are banks, diversified financial institutions and securitisation customers. This morning, I’m going to update some internal ratings for customers, which is a measure of their risk profile and the likelihood of default. 

9.30 AM

We have our weekly WIP meeting today. We dial in from Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, to update the team on our current progress. It’s a good way to hear about what others in the team have been working on. 

10.30 AM 

I’m currently helping with the major fundraiser in the Brand and Comms team. We catch up once a week and are responsible for creating engagement amongst the grad cohort and organisation.  The committee is running a few different fundraising initiatives, and I need to draft up marketing emails and workplace posts about the event. It’s a nice way to break up my day and work with some of the grads in other streams. 

11.00 AM 

I’m off to a training session on “Why hedge funds fail?”, which is run by the PCI training team. These are optional, and we can sign up for ones that interest us. It’s a great way to learn about things you might not see day to day, or skill up in various areas. 

12.00 PM

I’m catching with some of the grads downstairs for a quick bite and then walk down to Bourke St Mall for some shopping; being located in the CBD is definitely a plus!

1.00 PM

As one of my colleagues is on leave, I’m going to be helping with pool data loading for securitisation. This involves checking the data after we load into the system, to make sure there are no unexpected changes and that the loader is working as expected. 

2.00 PM

Every week, the director responsible for research publishes the “Securitisation Insights”. It talks about the latest securitisation deals in the market, as well as commentary from the economists and discusses opinions from credit rating agencies. A few of us help proofread this issue before it is sent out internally and to our customers. 

3.00 PM

As part of reviewing our customer’s facilities, we submit a paper to credit annually, which discusses the financial performance, key risks, exit strategy and client plan, all of which will determine our appetite towards having them on as a customer and to continue/renew providing facilities. I’m just getting started on a review for a diversified financial institution. The senior associate in the team usually walks me through a little about the client and calls out the main things I should do before I start writing the paper. This involves reading the annual report, analysing financials, reviewing limit utilisation and the client’s ROE or Revenue from the bank’s. Depending on the complexity of the business and if they are seeking to add/increase facilities, the paper’s length will vary.  We usually start a paper a month before it’s due, giving us enough time to write the paper, get all the approvals and limits updated before expiry. 

5.30 PM

I’m done for the day today and I pack away some of my belongings in my locker. I’m meeting up with some friends who work nearby for a quick dinner and then home!